Name: Crystal Gender: Genderless (Female-focus) Hair: None

Race: Warforged Height: 6’ 0" Eyes: Ice Blue

Class: Barbarian Weight: 230 lbs Complexion: Silver

Alignment: Neutral Age: 4 yrs. Home: Talenta Plains

Level: 4 Current XP: 9457 XP/next lvl: 15000

STR: 18/22 4/6 FORT: 7 (8 vs Spells)

DEX: 14 2 REF: +3 (4 vs. traps)

CON: 16/20 3/5 WILL 1 (3 when raging)

INT: 14 +2 MELEE: +4

WIS: 10 +0 MISSILE: +2

CHA: 08 -1
Hit Points: 54/62
Armor Class: 20/18/16 (Base 10 + Dexterity (2) + Mithral Body (5) + Shield (2) + Misc. (1) + Feat (+0)) (-2 when raging or using two handed weapon)(-4 when raging and using a two-handed weapon)

Touch AC: 13/11 (Base 10 + Dexterity (2) + Misc (1) + Feat (+0)) (-2 when raging)

Flatfooted AC: 18/16/14 (Base 10 + Mithral Body (5) + Shield (2) + Misc (1)) (-2 when raging or using two handed weapon)(-4 when raging and using two-handed weapon)
CMB: 8/10 (Base Attack +4) + (Str Bonus
4/6) + (Misc +0))

CMD: 17/19 (10+ (Str Bonus+4/6) + (Dex Bonus 2) + (Misc +1)(Feat +0))

Initiative: +2

Speed: 40’ (Base 30’ + Fast Movement 10’)


Mithral Body (+5 AC, +5 Max Dex Bonus, -2 Armor Checks)

Silver Tracery (Natural Weapons and Grapple are treated as silvered weapons to overcome damage resistance. +1 Fort Bonus against spells/spell-like abilities)
Languages – 3

Common, Halfling, Goblin


Ranks Modifier Class Misc Race Total

Acrobatics 3 +2 (D) +3 -2 +0 +06
Climb 2 +4 (S) +3 -2 +0 +07
Craft (Jewelry) 2 +2 (I) 3 +0 +0 +07
Handle Animal 2 -1 (Ch) +3 0 +0 +04
Intimidate 2 -1 (Ch) +3 +0 +0 +04
Knowledge (Nature) 3 +2 (I) +3 +0 +0 +08
Perception 3 +0 (W) +3 +0 +0 +06
Stealth 4 +2 (D) +3 -2 +0 +07
Survival 3 +0 (W) +3 +0 +0 +06

Patron God


Racial Abilities

Base Land Speed: 30’

Immune to Poison, Sleep Effects, Paralysis, Disease, Nausea, Fatigue, Exhaustion, Sickness and Energy Drain
Cannot heal lethal damage naturally. Healing/Restoration spells only heal ½ of normal healing. Repair spells heal 100% of normal repair.
Vulnerable to spells that target items (heat metal, chill metal, repel metal or stone, repel wood, rusting grasp.
Vulnerable to attack by Rust Monsters
Does not need to eat, sleep or breathe. Can still benefit from consumable spells and magic items.
-1 to -10, warforged is inert. No further point loss from bleeding.
Can be raised/resurrected
25% chance to negate critical hits or sneak attacks
Natural Weapon (Slam attack = 1d4 + 4/6 (Str Bonus))
Automatic Language: Common
Bonus Languages: None
Favored Class: Fighter

Class Features – Barbarian
Rage (13 rounds/day)*

Performance Time = 4 + (Constitution Bonus 3) + 6 (2/level beyond 1st)

Fast Movement (+10’ when in light/medium armor)

Rage Power – Renewed Vigor

Rage Power – Low-light Vision

Uncanny Dodge – Cannot be caught flat-footed

Trap Sense – 1 on reflex saves/1 AC vs. trap attacks

Spells (see list below)

Simple and Martial Weapons

Light/Medium Armor Proficiency; Shield Proficiency (all except tower shields)

Skill Ranks per level: 4+ (Int Modifiers (+2))

d12 for hit points
+4 Str/Con

+2 Will Save

-2 AC

Increased Con gives +2hp/level

Cannot use Dex, Int, Wis skills except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate and Ride when raging.

No patience or concentration on checks.

Can end rage as a free action and is fatigued for #rounds= 2x/rounds enraged.

Barbarian cannot enter new rage when fatigued/exhausted. (Warforged aren’t affected.)

Can enter rage multiple times during a single combat once no longer fatigued.

If a barbarian falls unconscious, rage ends and temp hit points disappear.

Rage Power:
Renewed Vigor – Std action, heal 1d8+3 (Con). Every 4 levels above 4th increase to 1d8 until you reach 5d8 at 20th. 1x/day while raging.
Low-Light Vison – Gain Low-light vision when raging.


Great Sword, Masterwork

Attack (Two-handed): 9(11) (Base 4, Ability Mod +4/6, Hand +0, Feat +0, Misc +1)

Damage (Main): 2d6+4(+6) (Crit 19-20, x2)

Damage Type: Slashing
Battle Axe w/Least Truedeath Crystal

Attack (One-handed): 8(10) (Base 4, Ability Mod +4/6, Hand +0, Feat +0, Misc +0)

Damage (One-handed) 1d8+4(+6) (Crit x3)

Damage (Undead): 1d8+4(+6) and 1d6

Damage Type: Slashing

Attack (One-handed): 8(10) (Base 4, Ability Mod +4/6, Hand +0, Feat +0, Misc +0)

Damage (One-handed) 1d6+4(+6) (Crit 19-20, x2)

Damage Type: Bludgeoning
Heavy Crossbow

Attack: +6 (Base +4, Ability Mod +2, Hand +0, Feat +0, Misc +0)

Damage (Normal) 1d10 (Crit 19-20, x2)

Damage (Silvered): 1d10-1(Crit x3)

Range 120’

Damage Type: Piercing

Attack, Melee: 8(10) (Base 4, Ability Mod +4/6, Hand +0, Feat +0, Misc +0)

Attack, Thrown: +6 (Base +4, Ability Mod +2, Hand +0, Feat +0, Misc +0)

Damage: 1d4+4(+6)

Damage (thrown) 1d4

Range 20’

Damage Type: Piercing


Heavy Darkwood Shield (+2 AC, +0 AC penalty)

Bracers of Armor +1

Watch Lamp – A mithral headband. When activated, a globe of light hovers at your shoulder, giving off torchlight- quality light. Follows the wearer. Can be extinguished with a command.

General Equipment
Belt Pouch Belt Pouch

Flint/Steel Oil of Repair Light Damage (x8) (1d8+1) Whetstone Oil of Repair Moderate Damage (x1) (2d8+3) Mirror, Sm. Steel

Backpack Quiver

Grappling Hook, collapsible Bolts x30 Rope, Silk, 50’ Bolts, Silvered x10 Crowbar


Warforged Repair Kit


PP: 0 GP: 400 SP: 00 CP: 00
G/J: 0


Armond Harnach – Luminary Captain of the Luminous Order (Shining Citadel, Jewelford, Breland)


Crystal awoke on the Day of Mourning, although she wouldn’t realize that fact for many years. At the time, just being awake was a novel experience. She lay on the table waiting, but for what she wasn’t sure. There was no one to tell her what to do so she stayed where she was, becoming more aware of her surroundings, and her own extremities and wondering why she couldn’t remember anything before this point.

She finally rose from the contoured table and glanced around the room she was in. The fires of the creation forge flickered in the room’s center. In the dim light she could see unexplained objects, pieces of paper with strange squiggles on them, and most of all she noticed bodies laying in various spots on the floor. She noticed the other bodies were unlike her own. She was blocky and covered with metal while the other figures were smoother and frailer. Their flesh was cold like her own, but she functioned while they did not.

Crystal explored the forge and the complex it was housed in searching for someone to answer her questions, but no matter which room she moved through all she found were more non-functional bodies. She noted differences in the bodies lying throughout the complex: some were stocky, others short and lithe, and still others were tall with pointed appendages on their heads. Most were like the first body she saw when she awoke. Later on she would learn to recognize dwarves, elves, gnomes, and humans, but at this point the figures were simply soft and smooth, and still.

A silvery mist filled the building she moved through. It had an unusual scent and energy that seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once. She took note of the mist then dismissed it as it did not bother her, ignoring it to continue her investigation. She eventually found an exit and walked out into the blighted world outside. The ground was a dull brown with more brown objects rising out of it. She stopped to examine one, taking note of the way its naked arms stretched into the sky but it did not speak to her or define her purpose. More inert bodies surrounded the building. Many wore metal or leather and carried objects with extremely sharp edges. She wondered if she should be similarly clothed and equipped, but none of the metal shells seemed to be made for a body such as her own. One of the larger warriors did have a cloak she could use to protect herself from water that began to drip from the sky. She also found a large backpack which she filled with a number of odd items from the structures and the figures in and around them. Finally, having determined there were no functional beings around to explain her purpose, and answer her questions about why she looked so dissimilar to the other figures in the immediate area, Crystal set out looking for someone who could give her some answers.

Unfortunately, the first functional creature she encountered in the mist was more interested in eating her than answering questions. She attempted to reason with it, but when it clamped down on her arm with its teeth she felt a power rising within her that gave way to a red wave of anger. When she came to her senses a bit later, her metal body was covered in scratches and her attacker was scattered in small pieces around her.

Crystal continued her journey through the shrouded territory which she found out later was known as the Mournlands. She soon learned to keep to herself whenever possible and continued to loot structures and bodies she came across, seeking out more effective weapons and supplies. On the occasions she was unable to avoid combat, she would lose herself in red emotions and awaken later to find signs of a great battle which she only had vague memories of. Her battle style was rough as she relied on her natural strength and the rage that came over her to overpower her opponents. This was nearly her undoing when she ran across a pack of strange creatures that cooperated and fought as a group. They harried her, darting in to attack and out to retreat while she wore herself out. In the end, Crystal out-climbed the pack, retreating to the top of a tall mound of earth. As she sat and waited for the pack to give up and move away, Crystal realized she needed to learn a better way to defend herself.

Crystal wandered the Mournlands for several months, finally finding a thick, silver cloudbank that covered the ground stretching out to the horizons. When she made her way through it, she noticed the ground was smoother and its covering thicker and greener than it had been previously. After several days of walking back toward the rising sun, Crystal encountered a creature similar to those she had seen before, but this one was moving just like she was! It was sitting on the back of another creature with leathery skin and large claws and teeth. She tensed for a fight, but unlike the denizens of the mist, the creature merely raised its hand and made no move to attack. Crystal watched as the creature dismounted and walked closer. It began to make strange noises with its mouth, but Crystal couldn’t understand what was being said. Finally the creature got a sad look on its face and motioned for Crystal to follow it.

The halfling barbarian Qilnara took Crystal back to her camp and over the next several days tried to decide what to do with her. In the end Crystal stayed with the halflings for two years, learning their customs, taking her turn guarding the livestock and defending the camp from Valerian Elf raids and Karnathi warriors looking for new recruits. She learned language and took the name Crystal due to her fascination with shiny gems and metals. This quickly grew into her jewelry craft. During raids she learned a beneficial fighting style, and learned to harness the red beast, as Qilnara called it, and use her rage as a bonus instead of just losing control.

Qilnara’s halfling tribe traded with people crossing the Talenta Plains. During one of these sessions, a young human artificer from Breland helped Crystal increase her fighting abilities by adding silver tracery to her mithral body. While he worked, he talked to Crystal and answered what questions he could about the events on the day of Crystal’s birth, and the Mournland. He also identified her as a Warforged, and suggested she travel to Sharn in Breland and visit the House of Cannith, the creators of the Warforged. Perhaps they could explain what her purpose was.

The Halfling tribe was against Crystal traveling to Breland, telling her she couldn’t trust those who lived in the cultivated lands of the West. City dwellers had never brought anything but destruction and suffering to the Talenta Plains. Crystal listened to their warnings, but found herself more intrigued by the idea of gaining a purpose. Crystal decided to travel to Breland, but promised Qilnara that she would travel the remnants of the Five Kingdoms and learn all she could about other races before going to Sharn and trusting another race to guide her.

Crystal made her way back through the Mournland and met up with a young Shifter named Dustin. His interest in archeology and Khorvaires’ past caught her attention and she is currently traveling with him and learning all she can about the history of the Warforged before she makes her trek to Sharn.


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